Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Suave & Stylish Men's Wear, Boyfriend's shirt

Men's wear..
We all know that blogshops selling ladies wear are abundant to say the least.. But that is the reason why we always get to find GREAT & Nice stuffs right right ^^ ??

While we are thankful that blogshops catering to ladies wear are easy to find, the same cannot be said to men's wear.. So after much hunting and looking, I have finally found these 3 blogshops that sell stylish men's wear..

This post is for you, Guys !

Wat : The first blogshop that I went to, has many nice men's apparel, be it short casual shirts or stylish warm cardigans.. Am sure this is the place to get cool, suave and stylish stuff. This shirt above is named Draco, a from the cutting and design, this chequered shirt seem like a nice thing to get.


Wat : Next, I found this shop selling more stylish men's wear.. Although they generally sell more casual wear, this blog is sure a must go ! This long sleeve above is a good example of the cool stuff they have !

Wat : More stylish and suave men's wear here ! While this site generally sells more tees.. Their tees are surely good enough for a visit to their site ! This Tee above just bears a simple 7, but we know that sometimes simplicity means cool & suave right ?? They are currently having a Raya sale now, go visit them quick !

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