Saturday, 23 July 2011

Tulip, Scallop and Sailor styles

Wat : Check out this new blogshop ! Their first collection features many cute Bohemian looks. This piece above here is one example of the classical look! Look at the Inward folding sleeves, makes it look like the top was part of a gown, eh ?

Wat : It seems that they had just launched a discount campaign for all of you ! Now, they had just launched a Nautical collection. This piece on top is a beautiful dress inspired by sailor stripes and a simple navy blue colour.

Wat : Looking for nice looking work skirts ? This multi tiered scallop tiered skirt might just be the thing that you are looking for !

Wat : This piece above is a Simple Tulip dress! This simple dress will look great anywhere anytime, want it ? Go Get it now !

At : Poppy Mallow 

Friday, 15 July 2011

Polka Dots, Doggy Necklace and Black Dresses

Wat : Like Dogs ? This maybe something that you would like to consider ! Plus, this site offers great things at RM10 or below ! Go check them out !

Wat : Get this awesome mandarin collar blouse and get the modern form of oriental look !

Wat : In their latest update, Su-estilo gives us a number of fresh polka dot inspired pieces ! In this piece above, the item that they are trying to focus on in the polka midi skirt .. Just pair it up with a simple coloured blouse or shirt like done above !

Wat : This is piece above is called the Sweetheart Peplum dress, a sexy yet not too revealing black dress for dates ?

Wat : Look sylish and sophisticated in this clean cut black dress alternatively. This piece here can surely make you look more confident : )

Monday, 11 July 2011

Lace and Retro

Wat : The combination up there surely gives me the retro feel.  This combination somehow reminds me of the 80s' , maybe its the patterned print top and this yellow skourt that just gives me that 80's fashion feel.

Wat : Our country's hot and humid weather surely needs us to wear more of these lacey and comfortable tops. Above here is a lacey vest that is flexible and comfy. 

At : Peep

Wat : Put on those headphones of yours and blast the music away ! This necklace here is a miniature version of the headphone. Put it against a black outfit, and it will surely grab attention !

Wat : The first thing that caught my eye when i saw this picture was the dress the girl was wearing..But on a second glance, i began noticing the cute pink handbag that she was carrying. Wanna complete your pink princess look ? Get that bag !

Sunday, 10 July 2011


Wat: Sleepy, but have to attend a 8am class ?.. Just grab one of this cute looking long sleeves and you are good to go.. look pleasant effortlessly ^^

Wat :  The colour "Yellow" have been particularly popular lately .. This corset is light yellow while the skirt is bright yellow. Currently they are selling this Corset and also Bodycon skirt separately..

Wat : Skip along in this yellow dress.. Its a simple yet a beautiful piece.. the bottom part is assymetrically cut and the length is just nice.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Milky Jello coloured Flats, Flag coloured pendant and tutu skirts

Wat : Who is interested in milky jello coloured flats? Flats are perhaps one of the easiest type of footwear to put on and to walk about in. They are stable and down to earth. And these flats here simply have a great colour scheme that it got me attracted to it!

Wat: Well, today had come and gone.. rally or no, we all love our country right ? And altho the Malaysian flag consist of 4 colours, we just have to make do with this 3 coloured pendant..that looks equally interesting!

Wat: This pendant is surely eye catching. With its simple design yet intricate look, this octogon pendant is surely set to shine! 

At :  Poppet Charm

Wat: Tutu Skirts ! This site here currently have a whole new bunch of tutu skirts on sale. They come in 2 different colours, dark blue, which can be used to double as an office skirt and also white, for the ballerina look..

Friday, 8 July 2011

Bags slacks and beads

Wat : Slacks are just so convenient.. we can wear them for casual outings and also semi formal functions, we can even wear them to work ! Most of them are comfy and nice : )

Wat : This is surely a nice looking sling bag that can be used to college ! Look at the nice coco brown colour, nice isn't is ? 

Wat: Cute cute cute ! This is a cute little spectacle necklace, surely it can spice up your outfit !

Wat: Have a lot of things to carry to work ? Put all your important documents into this sleek bag. And best of all, look professional with it!

Wat: Have a tribal dress ? This crochet bead necklace may be just the thing that you are looking for to complete that tribal look!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Catchin' up on Updates !

Wat : This bright pink is surely a nice colour to wear. Couped with a mini black coat and you are ready to go out looking fashionable the whole day !

Wat : This item above is from the Rose Set series. Surely an elegant looking piece,no ? I am not sure about you, but i think this bracelet would suit many people, whether you are mom or not : )

Wat : In this latest update, the brought us colour block inspired outfits. There are some pretty daring outfits in this update. But I am sure they are all very wearable. This dress here is made out of smooth material, absolutely a must-have for people who dislikes ironing !

Wat : In their recent update, they brought us a whole new bunch of nice and fashionable clothes again! In this picture above, it is actually what they call a playsuit, I think it is a shorter version of a jumpsuit or overall. The off-white colour of this suit is surely eye catching don't cha think ?