Wednesday, 21 September 2011

New on the Block !

Wat :  Look at this sexy dress .. Named Beckham Shangrila , I think it surely lives up to its name .. Look like a stylish siren in this dress.

Wat : Look at this chic and casual in this candy cane top and pastel coloured blazer ! This is one of their many outfits and attire..There are many more cute outfits at their site!

Friday, 9 September 2011

More updates

Wat : They have just a limited quantity of this seriously cute Ballerina themed collection. Personally, I like that pair of Black Dancing Ballerina earrings the most. Like it ? Follow their advise then, grab it before it is gone ! :) 

Wat : Hehe.. now, this is a very interesting and unique set. I'd say the colours are daring, a mixture of the Bumble Bee and Superman. But all the same, interesting is unique, unique is always a good thing.

Wat : We have reviewed them many times, and we will still be doing more so in the future. The reason is simple, coz their clothes are simply elegant and dainty and graceful. The dress up there is a waist knotted dress.

Wat : This Cheong sam looks like something from the 60s period drama. I like this cheongsam because it is not stereotype red, pink and satiny. This cheongsam here looks very wearable, you can wear it out anytime and people will not think that you are celebrating CNY early, no offense ya :)

Wat : This is a Zara Inspired Boyfirend Blazer. From this picture, we observe that this is a blazer with a good cutting, not too loose or bulky, just nice for the professional you!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Beautiful White Maxi Dress, Peplum Dress, Classy designs

Wat : Wow ! Look at this refined White maxi dress. It looks beautiful, particularly the lace part of this maxi dress. Just gives it the wow-look factor.

Wat : Dolly dresses are cute. Take this dress as an example. It is a fuss free cute look, you know ? winks*

At : Peep

Wat : Peplum Dress. Under their new collection entitled Ravishing on the Runway, they have many more cool, classy looking stuff. Believe me, their blog is sure worth a visit.

Wat : This blog's name is true to its concept, the more cool stuff you buy, the cheaper it is.
Take this beach wear set as an example, you can get all these cool stuff for a very reasonable price. Anyone heading to the beach ? No? Nvm, Malaysia has a sunny beach weather anywhere anyway..

Wat : Like Long confy Skirts ? Like long Comfy trousers ? The item spotted here is the long flowy trousers. Step out of your house in comfort with this !

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Elegant One Shoulder Ruched Dress

Wat : This is a Turqoise colored, One Shoulder Ruched, Body Con Dress that will simple make you look gorgeous in the crowd.

Wat: Scallop collared simple top. They have many colour combinations too. Personally, I like this combination the most. Go have a look!

At : Melody Love Fashion

Wat: This piece above is a Pink pleated ruffled blouse that surely suits well in your Office wear wardrobe.

Wat: Need to keep your hair up while wearing make up yet don't wanna use the classic hairband ? Get this Velcro Tape . It seems that they are selling 2 Packets at RM 4.

Wat : Collage Dress, Looking for some simple yet different dress ? This is something to consider !

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Carroline Forbes Toga dress lookalike

Wat : I do watch Vampire Diaries from time to time.. and the previous episode of VD was certainly exciting and action packed, however, what got me attracted most weren't Damon and Stefan's plot to get rid of Katherine, rather, I was surely hoping to catch more glimpses of Caroline's Crimson Red Toga Dress. How I wish to own one of those : ) ! Well, no worries, while we can't get our hands on an exact replica of that well made dress, this toga bling suit comes close enough..

Wat : Always getting change in coins and having no where to place them ? Or always hunting for coins to pay for 1.60 or 1.90 item ? Fret with these cute coin purses.

Wat : Catch the eyes of all, whether it is daytime or night time with this attention grabbing light green neon mini dress.

At : Peep

Wat : A new batch of bags had arrived at our door steps ! This bag here is a light brown Puffy bag that really reminds me of a crunch-in pouch and it really looks cool to have one of these.

Wat : A newbie on the block. Do visit them to find out what they have in store for you. This piece here is a navy blue overall that looks comfy and nice.

Wat : Like fabric flare skirts and also like shorts ? Come get one of these flare skorts with lace details. These skorts can look good with almost any top you put on.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Suave & Stylish Men's Wear, Boyfriend's shirt

Men's wear..
We all know that blogshops selling ladies wear are abundant to say the least.. But that is the reason why we always get to find GREAT & Nice stuffs right right ^^ ??

While we are thankful that blogshops catering to ladies wear are easy to find, the same cannot be said to men's wear.. So after much hunting and looking, I have finally found these 3 blogshops that sell stylish men's wear..

This post is for you, Guys !

Wat : The first blogshop that I went to, has many nice men's apparel, be it short casual shirts or stylish warm cardigans.. Am sure this is the place to get cool, suave and stylish stuff. This shirt above is named Draco, a from the cutting and design, this chequered shirt seem like a nice thing to get.


Wat : Next, I found this shop selling more stylish men's wear.. Although they generally sell more casual wear, this blog is sure a must go ! This long sleeve above is a good example of the cool stuff they have !

Wat : More stylish and suave men's wear here ! While this site generally sells more tees.. Their tees are surely good enough for a visit to their site ! This Tee above just bears a simple 7, but we know that sometimes simplicity means cool & suave right ?? They are currently having a Raya sale now, go visit them quick !

Ps : If you know any blogs selling good, nice men's wear .. Please do drop a note to us at or even

better still, share with us at the Comment box in this Post !!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Colour block dress, Swing dress and Electric blue dress

Wat : A Newbie in the block ! And they have brought us a fresh collection of outfits ! This outfit up here is an electric blue Crumpled Dress ! Surely it would make a good casual dinner wear. Fyi, they are having their opening promotions, so grab what you want fast !

At : Lov-Ca 
*New on the Block

Wat : Lighten up your day with colourful stuff such as this . This dress here is a dual colour block dress, I think that they have done a good job matching and complimenting the colours. Go an get one of these eye candy yourself !

At : Peep

Wat : Swing and twirl around in this nicely captured Swing dress and watch the dress flow with life before you ! This dress would do great for people who have great legs, it would make the wearer look graceful with ease !

At : Su- Estilo