Friday, 9 September 2011

More updates

Wat : They have just a limited quantity of this seriously cute Ballerina themed collection. Personally, I like that pair of Black Dancing Ballerina earrings the most. Like it ? Follow their advise then, grab it before it is gone ! :) 

Wat : Hehe.. now, this is a very interesting and unique set. I'd say the colours are daring, a mixture of the Bumble Bee and Superman. But all the same, interesting is unique, unique is always a good thing.

Wat : We have reviewed them many times, and we will still be doing more so in the future. The reason is simple, coz their clothes are simply elegant and dainty and graceful. The dress up there is a waist knotted dress.

Wat : This Cheong sam looks like something from the 60s period drama. I like this cheongsam because it is not stereotype red, pink and satiny. This cheongsam here looks very wearable, you can wear it out anytime and people will not think that you are celebrating CNY early, no offense ya :)

Wat : This is a Zara Inspired Boyfirend Blazer. From this picture, we observe that this is a blazer with a good cutting, not too loose or bulky, just nice for the professional you!

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