Saturday, 9 July 2011

Milky Jello coloured Flats, Flag coloured pendant and tutu skirts

Wat : Who is interested in milky jello coloured flats? Flats are perhaps one of the easiest type of footwear to put on and to walk about in. They are stable and down to earth. And these flats here simply have a great colour scheme that it got me attracted to it!

Wat: Well, today had come and gone.. rally or no, we all love our country right ? And altho the Malaysian flag consist of 4 colours, we just have to make do with this 3 coloured pendant..that looks equally interesting!

Wat: This pendant is surely eye catching. With its simple design yet intricate look, this octogon pendant is surely set to shine! 

At :  Poppet Charm

Wat: Tutu Skirts ! This site here currently have a whole new bunch of tutu skirts on sale. They come in 2 different colours, dark blue, which can be used to double as an office skirt and also white, for the ballerina look..

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