Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Catchin' up on Updates !

Wat : This bright pink is surely a nice colour to wear. Couped with a mini black coat and you are ready to go out looking fashionable the whole day !

Wat : This item above is from the Rose Set series. Surely an elegant looking piece,no ? I am not sure about you, but i think this bracelet would suit many people, whether you are mom or not : )

Wat : In this latest update, the brought us colour block inspired outfits. There are some pretty daring outfits in this update. But I am sure they are all very wearable. This dress here is made out of smooth material, absolutely a must-have for people who dislikes ironing !

Wat : In their recent update, they brought us a whole new bunch of nice and fashionable clothes again! In this picture above, it is actually what they call a playsuit, I think it is a shorter version of a jumpsuit or overall. The off-white colour of this suit is surely eye catching don't cha think ?

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