Monday, 11 July 2011

Lace and Retro

Wat : The combination up there surely gives me the retro feel.  This combination somehow reminds me of the 80s' , maybe its the patterned print top and this yellow skourt that just gives me that 80's fashion feel.

Wat : Our country's hot and humid weather surely needs us to wear more of these lacey and comfortable tops. Above here is a lacey vest that is flexible and comfy. 

At : Peep

Wat : Put on those headphones of yours and blast the music away ! This necklace here is a miniature version of the headphone. Put it against a black outfit, and it will surely grab attention !

Wat : The first thing that caught my eye when i saw this picture was the dress the girl was wearing..But on a second glance, i began noticing the cute pink handbag that she was carrying. Wanna complete your pink princess look ? Get that bag !

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