Saturday, 18 June 2011

Delayed post from yesterday .. but they are still fresh !

Wat : This is a much in-demand Body con skirt .. Last I heard, they are almost sold out .. So if you are looking for a skirt for work and play .. Quick ! Go visit them !

Wat : Rawwrrr ! This Leopard print leggings will surely suit bold people who loves wild designs. Wear this with a simple top, it will surely make people heads turn !

Wat : This blog is a shop that sells all types of cool japanese stuff. Be it Kimonos , yukatas, japanese clogs and also other japanese products. In their newest post, they have this new golden colour obi.

Wat : Flash ! Flash ! This rhinestone wing ring surely catches eyes. With its glittering stones and golden colour hue. Adorn your fingers with this !

At :  Poppetcharm

Wat : We have had skirts, dresses, tops, and also shorts on this review blog. This is probably my first post on pants. Check this high waisted long pants out ! For the Cool and stylish you : )

wat : Babydoll + Tribal prints = Tribalprint babydoll dress. Isn't this a cute dress ?

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