Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Intricate and Elegant

Wat : We don't have to say much, this intricate patterned butterfly will surely capture anyones eye. Don't ya think so ?

Wat : This asymetrical skirt surely reminds me of a dancer's grace. 

Wat : A shirt inspired by Topshop design.Simple and comfortable looking isn't it ? Sometimes, what a girl needs is comfortable and neat looking outfit.

Wat : To all brides out there, we know that the Wedding gown is the most important thing on the big day, right ? Along with the bridal bouquet and of course, the Groom. But hey! Don't forget your bridesmaids ya ! Make sure that they are equally excited for your big day with this beautiful sapphire dress. 

WaT : a long sophisticated looking multi layer chains and crystals that will surely make even the simplest outfit look special.

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