Friday, 24 June 2011

Trench Coats

Wat : Anybody here going to the KLue Urbanscapes 2011 ?? If you are gonna participate in the festival .. you guys should look out for Peep's newest collection ! They just came out with the collection specially for Festival-goers !

At : Peep

Wat : Dressing up for prom and wanna look like a princess? This pink and demure looking dress might be the dress to wear for such memorable events !

Wat : OMG ! I have always wanted a trench coat like this. This coat can surely make the wearer look cool, sophisticated and top-class stylish. Head over to their site, for RM 100, you can get this nice coat !

Wat : This is one of their items from the Red Rose collestion. Hmm .. to all boyfriends out there.. Wanna give flowers to your gf, how bout a lasting red rose bracelet ?

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