Thursday, 23 June 2011

Of Bowdalicious top and cute handbags

Wat :  A beautifully made beaded V patterned dress that gives this whole dress a modern tribal look.

Wat : This bag is real a cute find. The colour and pattern reminds me of a little handbag that i had long time ago. Available in 3 colours to choose from, I think the pink is the most interesting one .

Wat : This is probably my first post on Maxi dress. The green of this dress is simply nice to look at, don't ya think ? Put on this maxi dress for a fuss free outing. 

Wat : Named the Bowdalicious top. We couldn't agree more with its name. This top looks like a simpler version of the playboy bunny outfit. Quick headover to look at their multiple choices of bowdalicious look.

Wat : This is the first shop that I have came across selling pyjamas. This one above depicts a cute teddy bear on its front.

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